Brexit Party puts country before PartyBrexit Party puts country before PartyBrexit Party puts country before PartyBrexit Party puts country before Party

On 11th November the Brexit Party stood down its Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in Conservative-held seats.


Nigel Farage has more integrity in his little finger than most politicians display in their entire career.  Kudos to him for putting country before party and ensuring we do not allow a Remain Alliance to stop Brexit entirely.

June Mummery MEP


A Clean Brexit

The Brexit Party believes only a clean break with the EU will allow the UK to prosper. It is also the only option we can take unilaterally. Unless and until we leave, the only "deals" the EU would agree would be intolerably to our disadvantage. A fully independent UK can be outward-facing to the World, not just the EU.

Reclaim our Democracy

In 2016 we voted as a nation to Leave the EU, in our largest democratic exercise ever. Our constitutional principles are that Parliament and the Government in the long run give effect to the will of the people. But since 2016 Parliament has sought every way to frustrate Brexit. Only a General Election can resolve the impasse and reclaim our democracy.

Policies from Listening

Unlike the "legacy" political parties, we are not talking to ourselves this September. We are talking to you. We are holding Policy Forums and rallies across the country, open to all. Policies already announced cover  "Invest in the Rest" for regional development, financed by cancelling HS2 and the £39bn "divorce bill", abolition of high street business rates, cancelling of student loan interest, reform of the voting system and the House of Lords, and the abolition of Inheritance Tax.